We are heaboo, a company that develop
innovative solutions for water and energy improvements in buildings.

Heaboo team is composed by engineers and designers that create innovative and sustainable solutions to increase water and energy efficiency in buildings.

We transform creativity and competence of our researchers in innovative products.

Our team

Rui Teixeira

Founder and CEO

- PhD in Energy Engineering
- 4 years’ experience in R&D
- 5 years’ experience in product development
- 3 years’ experience in business development.

Rafael Rodrigues

Project Engineer

- Mechanical Engineer;
- 2 years' experience in project development.

António Coelho

Project Consultant

- Mechanical Bachelor
- 15 years’ experience in industrial maintenance.
- 4 years in Industrial Consulting
- 9 years in Production management
- 7 years in Maintenance management

Eduardo Noronha


- PhD in Design Management
- 5 years’ experience in R&D
- 10 years’ experience in product development
- 2 years’ experience teaching in University of Aveiro.

Juliana Teixeira

International Sales Manager

- Business Relations Degree
- 7 years’ experience in international prospection
- 5 years’ experience in export management.

Pedro Malheiro

Business Strategist (advisory board)

- Telecommunications Engineer
- 10 years’ experience in business strategy.

Renato Brás

Business Strategist (advisory board)

- Mechanical Engineer with MBA
- Experience in business development and entrepreneurship with technological base.

Our investors