Hoterway Lex Shower

Hoterway is the first shower column in the world that corrects the waiting time for hot water, supplying hot water from the first second though it is unplugged from the electricity.

The thermal battery absorbs heat during the shower, with a temperature differential that doesn’t affect the supply. This stored heat will instantly heat the water that colds down in distribution pipes when isn’t used for a while.

The last generation thermal insulation minimize the heat losses between showers allowing the stored energy to ensure the heating of the stagnant water on the pipes in the beggining of the next shower.
The thermal mixing faucet, supplied with the Hoterway ensures the correction of the small temperature fluctuations that happen at the moment when the hot water coming from the heating system arrives at the shower.

Hoterway Lex Scheme

Hoterway stores heat during the shower to instantly provide hot water in the beginning of the next one.

With this solution, hot water doesn't have to be in circulation in the buildings and therefore a significant amount of energy can be saved.