HOTERWAY UP is self-rechargeable using only the heat from the hot water stream. In situations where the using profile doesn't ensure a full recharging, or if nobody uses hot water in this room during more than 24 hours, the module activates the circulating loop by opening a local valve during the time needed to fully recharge of the device. Installation in the drop ceiling.

HOTERWAY UP is an innovative product that absorbs heat when hot water is flowing. This heat is then used in the next utilisation to instantly heat the water stagnated in the pipes.

With this solution, hot water doesn't have to be in circulation in the buildings and therefore a significant amount of energy can be saved.

Explanation of problem

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumed in Europe. About 20% of this global consume is done by domestic water heaters, making the water heating the second biggest energy consume in buildings, only exceeded by heating/cooling.

Recirculating loops are widely used to ensure hot water supply without wait or with low waiting.
These solutions increase building’s comfort and are also advisable considering the water efficiency as it avoids the waste of water during this waiting time.

Although, these systems present a big limitation to the energy efficiency of the building as the energy wasted by recirculating loops in Europe is estimated to be 30% of the whole energy consumed by building heating water.